Jean Christian CHEZE

coo • Co-FOUNDER 

Professional architect for over 20 years. As an architect JC developed imagination, an artistic approach, a practical sense, economic realism and interest in innovation that make him have a vibrant professional practice, while confront developments in technology and new uses.

Experienced in the fields of conventional construction and expertise in the areas of high environmental quality, energy performance, liabilities, and positive energy building and autonomy.



ceo • Co-FOUNDER

Leadership and innovation traits are prevalent in Steven’s accomplishments and professional experience. Endless enthusiasm, boundless energy he has deep experience across technology, retail, finance, IP strategies, publishing, B2B services, IT, Private Placement Memorandums (PPM), entertainment sectors and now includes his entry into design build services and eco-friendly technology. 

Steven has broad experience in all aspects of General Management, Strategy, Financial Management, Fund Raising, Team Building, Sales and Business Dev.



Directeur Général of Groupe Brunet International

Karim brings significant international building, construction and commercialization talents and methodology to our team. He has literally rehabilitated or built cities from the ground up from Russia to Brazil and France to Morocco. He and the entire international team are very much at home here in the desert with our unique climate, terrain and resources.


Jean Pierre Brunet

Founder ZEST, Chairman Groupe Brunet

Florian Arot

Co-Founder ZEST, President Groupe Axesis



Senior Associate Engineer B4 Design & Engineering

Bertrand is an engineer with degrees from ESTP Paris L'école des Grands Projects Engineering School. With specialities in topography and urban development he is dedicated to plans and building that provide contextualized solutions integrating not only technical issues but also construction costs and ongoing maintenance.

His continuing studies and practices revolve around new cities, industrial & economic areas and urban developments in many countries in Europe, the Middle-East, Asia, Africa and most recently the USA.





Entrepreneurial, results driven executive, with more than 30 years of a very unique mix of domestic and international commercial and residential construction experience within both publicly traded and privately held start-up and established companies. Purchasing and operational building industry professional that is passionate about architecturally significant and sustainable projects/products that are economical to build and operate.

sjs headshot.jpg

Raphaël CHEZE

Raphael is an industrial and product designer. In fact he designed the ZEST Cube and the e-Na. The latter was a project designed along with his brother Jean Christian.